**To use Global Fairways' Tracking system (GTRAC) you must first be a registered Global Fairways member and then obtain a GTRAC specific login by contacting Global Fairways.**

New to GTRAC
Follow these steps to setup your GTAC login and password with Global Fairways.

1. Become a Registered Member.

Contact Global Fairways by e-mail or by phone at 1 (734) 641-7550 or 1 (877) SHIP-GFW to request a login for the Global Fairways GTRAC tracking system.

Click "Click to Track Shipment" then login using your User ID and Password and begin tracking your shipments.

What is GTRAC?
Full Service Tracking & Tracing System

At Global Fairways the information is captured at its source.You can connect to the Global Fairways' Tracking system and/or Purchase Order system via any PC with Internet capabilities through this web site. Print, view, and download your tracking data at any time and any place.

Eliminate costly phone calls and save time by just connecting! Learn More >

Registration Required
It is necessary to have a registered account with us to use our tracking system. Once you have become a registered member you will need to request a GTRAC specific login by contacting a Global Fairways representative. Contact us at 1(877) SHIP-GFW or locally at 1(734) 641-7550 for assistance and details.

Full Featured:
Comprehensive Tracking & Tracing provides the following features:

  • Shipment Booking and Sailing Information
  • Transit and Status of your shipment
  • To Port and Door
  • Via Ocean or Air
  • Customs Release Status
  • Delivery Status
  • Shipment Query with a powerful search criteria
  • Shipment Listing and Tracking Results
  • E-Mail or Fax Notification
  • Excel Spreadsheets: Many lists can be downloaded

Click to Begin Tracking Shipment

Also available for your purchase:
Complete Purchase Order Detail Tracking

Track and Trace all your shipments and Purchase Order information in one place.
Purchase-Order Module Includes these features:
Purchase Order Header Data
Line Item Details
Purchase Order Notes
Pre-shipment Status
P.O. Query
P.O. Listing (Excel)
P.O. Tracking Results
Product Tracking
P.O. Open Items
Product Open Order
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